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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Coffeehouse Vignette

            He watched her from across the shop as he took a sip of his black coffee. She was wearing a blue knit hat today. How many hats did she have? She had her notebook out as usual and was writing in it with a feathery pen. Purple this time. A steaming mug of hot chocolate sat next to her, steaming away, but left untouched for once. Instead, she was writing more furiously than ever, her eyes flying back and forth across the page. She looked agitated. Much more agitated than usual. Maybe he should talk to her this time.
Oh, who was he kidding? He always thought about walking over to her. Saying something witty and perhaps earning a smile in return. He rarely saw her smile. Then again, he only ever saw her in the coffee shop. But she was always so concentrated on whatever she was writing in her notebook that she rarely ever smiled. He’d only see her smile once, when she had answered a phone call. What if it was her boyfriend? She was probably taken anyways. She was so…beautiful. He didn’t even know her and he could tell that she was beautiful.
He was going to do it. He was going to go up to an entire stranger and tell her she was beautiful.
Right after he finished his coffee.


  1. I must admit, I really love this piece. I've written things like it, but rarely from a guy's perspective. You captured the moment well. I especially like his afterthought from being determined to talk to her to putting it off to finishing his coffee. Perfect.

    PS: I hope you enjoy Davis - my best friend goes there and really likes it. :)


  2. :D Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it WAS a bit tricky to write it from the guy's perspective, but it was fun. I've never written from a guy's perspective before, so it was a good first step.

    Haha, yeah I think I AM going to enjoy Davis. I've visited it four times (the fourth was for orientation...three days in Davis <3) and I love it. ^^