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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Screenwriter's Lament

Flash of a camera,
the red carpet beckons
with promises of glory
and renown.

Yet it's an unfair world,
pitting brother against brother
and wife against husband
in a battle for recognition.

And 'tis only the actors,
the directors and producers
that gain the fame
so coveted by many.

What of the writers?
The thinkers? The dreamers?
What glory have they,
save one line in the credits?

'Tis a world of
superficial moonlight
and sea winds from the
giant fans off the set.

Trying to portray
the real with the unreal
until the boundary
is smudged to nothingness.


  1. Interesting. I'd never really thought about what recognition screenwriters got before, though when I'm watching a film, the dialogue is one the most important elements to me.

    Great lament.

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