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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Tales #31

She walked along the sidewalk, humming to herself and carrying her wares. They were so...pretty. Like orbs of light. She didn't want to part with them, but she had to if she was to collect money for Mommy and Daddy.

She hugged the puffy jacket Mommy had given her from the charity box. "Here, Lila," she had said as she whipped it out. "This will fit you perfectly, my little angel."

Oh, how happy she'd been! It was perfect for keeping cold weather out. She silently thanked the little girl who had parted with it so that she could wear it instead. Winter was coming, and it was a great comfort to have something so warm enshrouding her little body. She guessed this was what it was like to be the child of circus people.

"Does anybody want a balloon?" she squeaked at the passers by, waving her balloons in the air. "Just a dollar each!"

Usually she got a decent amount of money because people always loved the circus. She wasn't old enough to do much for her circus family, but this was all she could do until she could become a trapeze artist like Mommy. So she had to sell these balloons.

"Please buy some balloons!"

The picture used as a prompt can be found here.


  1. A sad tale...many children are forced to do labor even against their wishes...but being a trapeze artist is not bad at all though!

    I like your take Tweety! :-)

  2. i love the story; but a dollar 4 a balloon..dts like 50 of Indian rupees..! :P