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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Scribblings #234 - Love

They walked side by side. Together physically, but emotionally and spiritually separated by an ever-deepening rift. He held her hand loosely in his own but did not look at her, fearing – no, loathing the thought of her fearful, tear-stained face.

In front of them, the dark waters glided as one. A few fishermen boats could be discerned from the darkness. The sun was not yet up, but this did not hinder the hardy fisherman. A single star was visible in the cloudy expanse above the sea. He had told her that it was theirs. The star would burn for as long as he loved her.

He released her hand and strode to a bench. There were so many memories here. Sighing with nostalgia, he turned to her, their eyes meeting for the first time in three days. For the first time since he discovered her secret.

She opened her mouth. “Oh, Ronnie I’m sorry,” she whispered, reaching for him. He shrugged away, looking out to the sea.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” his voice was gentler than he wanted. Too warm. Too intimate.

“I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“But you did.” This time, he could not keep the anger and sadness from his voice.

“If I could do it over---”

“You can’t,” he growled.

She reached for him again. This time, he didn’t shy away from her touch. Squeezing his shoulder, she stood beside him. Just like she did the night they met. He embraced her, disregarding his weakness for her. This time, she held him up. Supported him like he did her that day so long ago. Across the sea, a ray of the sun’s light emerged, renewed.

They would get through this.


  1. Ah! love hurts but always supports :D
    Beautifully written Shweta :)


  2. I really like this scene a lot, you realy captured the emotion of his betrayal. Great discription of the setting too, i could really see it. I like your stuff, just be aware of puncuation. Glad to have found you:)

  3. Evocative write, Shweta! Beautiful Magpie.

  4. I liked the setting and the feelings that played here ... funny that i read it again to check if i had missed reading "her secret" !! later realized you did not mention about it :) Now that's eating me up ;)

  5. So beautifully written, I wanted to know more! ... wonderful.