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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome to the World of Technology

Welcome, my children, to the world of technology. I caution thee to severely watch thy step, lest ye get swept away by the new technology wave that doth hover 'bove the nation. Nay! The world! New fangled contraptions like computers hath taken the place of the omnipresent parchment and quill. Instead of the letters we often send to our lovers and kinsmen, we now send cold, unfeeling text messages. The sweet, poetic English language hath been compressed excessively and hath been forced to bend down to the will of the new tyrant.

Wires and cables doth choke the land, and metal carriages race across nations within days. The ways of the old have disappeared to make way for the damnable new. I, too, have been swept, my children, and I have come to warn thee not to commit the same error that I hath foolishly made. I, once naive, believed in that technology could solve many problems that doth vex our world. Folly, I say! For instead of offering assistance, this new tool strangled us and kept us in chains, forever bound to its damnable head.

Yet, I do not say to avoid this new tool completely. Use it, but use it well. Lest you sweep away and drown in the future. And from there, my dear children, there be no return. Once thou hath entered that labyrinth of obsession, thou hath lost thyself to the demon puppeteer which keeps all on a leash, relishing in each usage of its charms.

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